Company Introduction
S.K.Technology Inc. aims for the best special vehicle company under the goal of New Innovation and Jump 21
  • Company Introduction
  • Vision
Our goal is to be the best special vehicle company in Korea
Since producing the first Korean broadcast vehicle in 1987, S.K.Tech has led in manufacturing special vehicles. Through creativity and passion, we will constantly step forward to become a company that can be beneficial for both customers as well as the company. Moreover, S.K. Tech will always keep the good after care service as well as producing special vehicles.
Changes in Technological Innovation

We’ll lead the special purpose vehicle industry though ceaseless development of technology, improvement of productivity and the best quality management system.

Company You Can Trust

We’ll do our best to meet your expectations and become a dependable business partner.

Achievement of Goals

Through ceaseless creation, we’ll become a company that seeks to grow continuously instead of remaining content with the present.

질병관리본부 장애인휠체어리프트 차량

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