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S.K.Technology has been running with customers since the beginning.
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With a 35-year history of producing special purpose vehicles, S.K.
Tech manufactured outside broadcast van for the first time in Korea,
and have led the special purpose vehicle manufacturing industry with its accumulated technologies and continuous research and development.
With customer satisfaction as its top priority, S.K.Tech’s unique technology and quality management continue to make the company the leader of the industry.
Among S.K.Tech’s product lines, the broadcasting and medical vehicles, mobile health clinic vehicles, catering vehicles,
safety experience vehicles and military vehicles have been the customers’ favorites and at the top of the domestic order list.
In particular, S.K.Tech is one of only 100 domestic companies with DQMS(Defense Quality Management System) certification, the quality management certification for defense products awarded by the government of Korea. By following this strict standard,
S.K.Tech can produce the best quality vehicles not just for military purposes, but also for other purposes use as well.
We will do our best to realize customer satisfaction and become a company you can trust, a company that you want to buy from again.
Also, we will try to become a company that does not hesitate to make changes and innovations to produce the best quality products.
Thank you.

Chairman / CEO Lee Man-keun

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